Top Ten Reasons to Join the PTA

Top Ten Reasons to Join PTA
Posted on 08/31/2021
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Top Ten Reasons to Join PTA

1. Stay informed. There’s no better way to know what’s happening at Lake Sybelia!

2. Get the most out of your kids’ elementary school experience. With your support, the PTA helps our teachers and administrators update curriculum, develop new school programs and continue improving our school facility.

3. Make your voice heard. As a PTA member, you can share your ideas, concerns and experiences … helping shape an even better Lake Sybelia.

4. Connect with other parents. When you come to meetings, volunteer at school and take part in PTA events – you’ll get to know fellow Lake Sybelia parents who can offer friendship and support for your kids’ education.

5. Enjoy exclusive benefits. PTA members get discounts and special offers from Central Florida businesses and community partners, such as Legoland, OfficeMax and more!

6. Make your mark on Lake Sybelia. Being part of the PTA gives you the chance to use your unique talents, skills and hobbies for a great cause … your child’s education!

7. Be a Role Model. Being a PTA member shows your child just how important education is to your family.

8. Build a better school. Studies show a direct link between schools’ parent involvement and its students’ performance. In fact, of the top 10 schools ranked by U.S. News and World Report, six have among the nation’s highest PTA membership rates.

9. Show our teachers you support them. Nearly 100% of our teachers are PTA members. If they value and support what we do … shouldn’t you?

10. Help LSE be the best it can be!

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