The mission of the ESE Policy and Procedures (EPP) department is to ensure that all entities within the Orange County Public Schools comply with local policies, state and federal law for students with disabilities (SWD) and potential SWD. We assist schools with compliance issues, eligibility procedures, IEP development and review, placement information, FTE concerns, and parent participation. This site provides internal procedures and processes to further clarify the district's policies and procedures for Exceptional Student Education with compliance, non-public schools, Section 504 and surrogate parents. 

The OCPS Internet site has detailed information regarding the process for McKay Scholarships and charter school support. The Special Programs and Procedures page includes a copy of the district's SP & P, which is current with the FLDOE. There are links to the FLDOE's Bureau of Exceptional Education Services - B.E.E.S. website which contains current state data on ESE issues.

The EPP team coordinates the ESE meetings process by mentoring school-based staffing teams and entering data on the student systems to reflect accurate student information. The process of compliance is enhanced by weekly school visits and daily review and entry of data. Periodic monitoring of the implementation of educational plans for ESE students and funding documentation occurs throughout the school year. The team provides assistance to charter schools, McKay scholarship and non-public/private school issues. Additional functions of the department are dispute resolution management and Section 504 compliance.

Contact Information: Director - [email protected]